Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Another idea for Waubeeka if town meeting rejects Deep's resort hotel proposal: Cluster housing?

A Williamstown resident with significant knowledge of real-estate ownership and development discussed with this week an alternative idea for the Waubeeka Golf links which they said could yield revenue for owner Mike Deep and also rely upon keeping the 18-hole public golf course open, a goal Deep claims.

The resident, who does not wish to be identified for the moment, wrote the following:

"Would neighbors and others be opposed to a very nice clustered townhouse/condo  project, say 60 units of around 1,600 square feet, that would be built to maximize views, that would have fashionable but not necessarily expensive finishes (as in, Ikea cabinets), and that would put the rest of the land in conservation?

"I think there's a real market for such units, especially in such a great location.  It would preserve the golf course, the views and open space, attract new residents to the town, and increase the tax base. all while actually enhancing the property and increasing the likelihood of its future value instead of detracting from it."
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