Monday, May 09, 2016

Cynthia Payne provides campaign statement supporting her candidacy for Williamstown selectboard

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Date: Mon, 9 May 2016 12:26:11 -0400
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Dear Friends,

Some of you I already know from the Congregational Church, from the Historical Museum, from the elementary school or just from around town.  Some of you have only met me in the last few months.  The town election is coming up Tuesday, May 10th at the elementary school. I hope you've heard already that I'm running for Select Board against Jane Patton and Jeffrey Thomas.

I've lived here in town longer than the two of them combined and I think I have more of a feel for the values we hold dear here in Williamstown.  I'd love to see more business here in town, not just new restaurants, hotels and stores that cater to tourists, but industry that will provide careers for recent college grads and for our own kids to come back home.  I'd like to see Spring Street made vital for townspeople again.  Remember when we had a bakery, a grocery
store, an insurance agency, etc  on Spring Street?  I'd like to see our empty storefronts filled.

I have a special love for historic and open space preservation. I'm in favor of the  Community Preservation Act which we voted for in 2002 "to be devoted to community housing (senior and affordable), historic preservation, open space, and outdoor recreation."  Jeffrey Thomas, although he's on the board, has consistently voted against applicants who come to the board and a few weeks ago proposed that the board be abolished. 

As most of you know, I've had four children who've gone through the school system here and I'm a strong supporter of our schools.  When we first moved here, almost 30 years ago, the school system had an excellent reputation, especially for all the enrichment programs we had.  We used to have French, computer skills, and a gifted and talented programs in the elementary school.  Now we've lost all of those and the Side by Side program is at risk.  What will be cut next, Shakespeare?

You can read more about my background and my positions on my Facebook page:
I also have links to my candidate statement on the Greylock Independent site and the Willinet video of the Select Board candidates night.

I'd love your vote on Tuesday.  Please feel free to forward my information to your other friends.  Thanks so much!  I look forward to serving the town on the Select Board.

Cynthia D. Payne


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