Friday, December 09, 2005

Prof. Winston's study on college tuition noted in news

A study published in the lastest issue of the Jornal of Human Resources by Williams College economics professor Gordon C. Winston has been noted in a United Press International story. The full article in the Madison, Wis., journal does not appear to be online. According to the UPI story, "many leading private colleges tailor prices to students' financial means" and "says the tuition and other costs are structured to allow some students to pay only a fraction of the schools' high "sticker prices." In the 2001-02 academic year, the schools' average "sticker price" was $33,831, yet the average amount paid by students who received financial aid was 47 percent of that amount, the UPI story reports. "We asked what students at different income levels actually pay at the leading private colleges and universities in the United States," it quotes Winston as saying. "We found that very consistently, these wealthy, high-quality schools give large discounts to low-income kids. On average!
, the ultimate net prices are well under the prices of public colleges."


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