Thursday, December 08, 2005

Images Cinema launches end-of-year fund-raising effort with $7K challenge

Images Cinema announced today the Williamstown-based non-for-profit,
single-screen movie house is launching a year-end fund-raising campaign
with a $7,000 challenge pledge.

The news release follows from janet Curran (

Initial Gift of $7,000 Kicks-Off Annual Fundraising Appeal

Images Cinema has announced that a gift of $7,000 has
been made by a group of friends of the cinema. The friends who made the
donation make a challenge to the community to match this amount to raise a
total of $14,000 for the cinema. This challenge can be achieved with
everyone’s help! Send a check to Images at PO Box 283, Williamstown, MA
01267, or throw some change into the bucket in the cinema lobby. All
donations, large or small, will help meet the challenge.

Images Cinema is a non-profit arts organization, and as such, requires
financial support outside of membership dollars alone. Says Sandra Thomas,
Executive Director of Images, “Over the past three years we have increased
our membership to 400+—a huge accomplishment! But, as with many nonprofit
organizations, finances are up and down. We are constantly monitoring the
bottom line and often squeak by.” She adds that an annual appeal, along with
membership and fundraisers, all help to secure the future of the inclusive
regional arts organization.

This year Images Cinema has been celebrating its 7th Anniversary as a
non-profit organization, and the “challenge” appeal is the finale to the
anniversary events. Why celebrate the seventh anniversary? In 1927,
Ricciotto Canudo, an Italian film critic and theorist, described cinema as a
fusion of science with the three arts of space (painting, architecture and
dance) and the three arts of time (music, theater and literature). Canudo
dubbed cinema the seventh art.

“In celebration of you, our extended film family, and film as the seventh
art, help us meet our fundraising goal!” states Thomas who also noted that
to date, a total of $10,286 has been raised and only $3,714 are needed to
reach the $14,000 goal.

One of the few year-round single-screen nonprofit cinemas left in the
country, Images Cinema has been a non-profit organization for seven years.
It continues to expand programming to meet the educational and cultural
needs of the community, while maintaining its dedication to quality
independent film. Images Cinema is supported in part by the Massachusetts
Cultural Council, a state agency. Current happenings are listed at

Contact: Sandra Thomas, 413 458 1039, Images Cinema director


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