Friday, November 18, 2005

Conservatives respond to Wal-Mart movie with one of their own

SOURCE: William Greene, 770-868-4517
He terms Greenwald movie: "Anti-free market propaganda."

WASHINGTON, DC - William Greene, President of the conservative on-line
activist organization, is announcing his group's plans to
counter's promotion of a new video "Wal-Mart - The High Cost of
Low Price". The new video, produced by Robert Greenwald ("Uncovered" and
"Outfoxed"), accuses Wal-Mart of paying low wages, poor treatment of
employees and campaigning against unions.

"We've got our own FACTUAL video to show, 'Why Wal*Mart Works'", said
William Greene, President of "And we're making arrangements
to show it through our own house party campaign." Produced by the Galloway
Brothers, "Why Wal*Mart Works" offers a free-market exploration of how
Wal-Mart fulfills its mission of "Always Low Prices," saving the average
American family $1,250 every year, and the reasons why Wal-Mart drives its
critics C-R-A-Z-Y.

According to producer Ron Galloway, "We show that the major arguments
presented against Wal-Mart can be refuted with the facts, solid logic and
reason, and compelling personal stories from people whose lives have been
touched in a positive way by Wal-Mart. There are always two sides to a

To see the trailer visit this link: is a web based, conservative organization, dedicated to
giving hundreds of thousands of hardworking, patriotic Americans across the
country a strong collective voice in the political process. For more
information, visit <> .

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