Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fwd: [Mass Audubon] Vote No on Question 3

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Mass Audubon

Dear Members,

With the election just days away, it is essential to understand the issues and policies that will come before us on November 2nd. Mass Audubon has received numerous inquiries regarding our position on Ballot Question 3: the Massachusetts State Sales Tax Rollback. This proposed law would reduce the state sales and use tax rates (presently at 6.25%) to 3% as of January 1, 2011. Along with many other nonprofits across the state, we urge you to Vote No on Question 3.

If passed, implementation of Question 3 would result in devastating cuts to all parts of state government including environmental agencies and programs already hit with significant budget cuts. Environmental agencies account for less than 1% of the state budget.

According to the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation, passage of Question 3 would result in across-the-board cuts of approximately 30 percent in virtually all state programs, including local aid, higher education, human services, prisons, courts, environmental protection, state parks, and beaches.

  • Many programs and agencies would be drastically reduced if not eliminated with just a handful of core staff monitoring state compliance with federal health and environmental standards for things such as air and water quality.
  • Mass Audubon's legislative priorities including the environmental bond, oceans act, and renewable energy legislation would be limited in their implementation.
  • Parks' infrastructure would not only continue to crumble from years of deferred maintenance, but would more quickly degrade as the Department of Conservation and Recreation would not have the funding to provide even basic maintenance or to keep parks open and appropriately staffed.

This decision will impact our environment – for this and future generations. Vote No on Question 3 and help Protect the Nature of Massachusetts.

Thank you,

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