Thursday, June 10, 2010

REMINDER: 12 days until Blueprint Building congress at RJI-Mizzou -- join us or sign up for updates

COLUMBIA, Mo. -- What will finance journalism in the digital age?

More than 18 months of research, six months developing a business plan,
and multiple open meetings set the stage for a major announcement on June
24 at the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute (RJI) at the Missouri
School of Journalism.

On that day, a task force of U.S. newspaper publishers and state press
associations will unveil a 148-page business plan for the American
Newspaper Digital Access Corp., a news-industry consortium for managing
information usage and payments on the web.

At the same time, RJI will lay out a proposal for a non-profit standard-
and protocol organization, the Information Trust Assocation, and seek
input on how it should be governed and supported.


"From Blueprint to Building: Making the Market for Digital Information" is
an action congress for trust, identity and Internet information commerce
serving newspapers and beyond.

"These ideas have been in the oven for awhile, but neither is completely
baked," says Bill Densmore, a consulting researcher at Reynolds who is
helping with "Blueprint to Building." "Consider joining us in Columbia
from Wed. afternoon, June 23 through Fri. afternoon, June 25, to lend a
hand in the kitchen."

Among fellow "chefs" will be members of the Multistate Digital Task Force,
experts from The Associated Press (to talk about AP Exchange and other
intiatives) and several vendors, including CircLabs Inc., Clickshare
Service Corp., CentraMart Inc., and GeoTel Corp.

For more than 15 years, there's been a need for a clearing house and
infrastructure to manage identity and digital information commerce on the

If you are a news, magazine or other publishing executive, a technologist
working in the areas of trust, identity management or information
commerce, a resarcher with important data on those topics, or a citizen
concerned about the future and sustainability of journalism, you should
attend "From Blueprint to Building" -- or ask for email updates.





June 23-25, 2010 / Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute, University of
Missouri, Columbia, Mo. Full registration, including meals: $95.00.


Eighteen months ago, about 60 people gathered on the American prairie and set
out to describe a blueprint for a new information economy that would be based
upon trust, identity and commerce. On June 24, at that same prairie meeting
spot, some of them will start building it. Do you want to be among the 80
founders, architects and builders? You're invited.


This is not a conference, or a summit. It's a public ***congress*** -- of news
and information service providers -- organized by U.S. state press associations
and the Reynolds Institute, an ideas-experiments-research center affiliated
with the Missouri School of Journalism, the nation's oldest.

In this ultra-fast-moving information ecosystem, we have two intentions:

-- Consider establishing a non-profit collaborative that will specify
standards, platforms and protocols for a digital information marketplace;
supporting investment and partnering with operating companies and,

-- Define and start raising money for an operating company or association that
answers to, and primarily serves and benefits, ***all*** America's newspapers --
and is focused on profitably sharing, protecting and managing their digital


Questions? Do you have a paper or presentation you want to add to our
pre-congress reading list? Materials about a service or product you'd like to
have made available? Contact us at

Bill Densmore, Consultant
Reynolds Journalism Institute
201 RJI Hall
University of Missouri
Columbia MO 65211
VOICE MAIL/CELL: 617-448-6600 FOLLOW: @infovalet

Bill Monroe, consulting director
Multistate Digital Task Force
c/o Iowa Press Association


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