Monday, November 23, 2009

Part 2: Coakley at Cup & Saucer in North Adams

Coakley begins with kind words for state Sen. Benjamin Downing,
D-Pittsfield, who introduced her and about other folks locally.

"Many of you remember my dad and his sense of integrity, he didn't say
much . . . many of you wondered how he could sell insurance . . . but when
he spoke, you listened to him."

When a recession hits North Adams, it hits harder here, she says. She says
she understands how far it is "out here." She recalls her father dressed
as "Smokey the Bear" in the North Adams Fall Foliage Parade.

She recites her support of the so-called "public option" in the Senate
health-care reform package. She talks about environment, and providing for
cost-effective energy. "It's complicated ... and it's not a 30-second or
60-second soundbite."


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