Monday, November 23, 2009

Part 1: Coakley at Cup & Saucer in North Adams

This is running notes on the appearance of U.S. Senate candidate Martha
Coakley at the Cup & Saucer cafe in North Adams -- her home town. Richard
Taskin, a lawyer and local supporter, says this is her first public
appearance in North Adams since she announced for Senate. There are
between 150 and 200 people -- my estimate -- almost standing-room-only --
in the Main Street Restaurant.

North Adams Mayor-elect Richard Alcombright, a banker, is now introducing
Coakley. He said next to her in elementary school, he says. He is reciting
her bio. He says it is rare to work with someone "who's vision is so
positive." He says her vision is aligned with North Adams -- a city of
about 14,000 people suffering along with much of Western Massachusetts
with economic hard times.

Alcombright says she is committed to the elderly, helping with youth
poverty, and is concerned "about keeping us safe" to find resources to
maintain police and safety services and is committed to veterans services.

About 20 people from across the state submitted questions to and we've given them all to Gus Bickford, political
director of the Coakley campaign -- -- he says he'll
get us all answers.


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