Friday, March 17, 2006

Nuciforo decision to leave Mass. Senate opens field; Ware announces

The news on Friday that Andrea F. Nuciforo Jr. has decided not seek re-election to the Massachusetts Senate from the First Berkshire District is likely to lead to a lively contest in November. The first candidate may be former Williamstown selectperson Margaret J. Ware. Ware, who is also a state Democratic committeewoman, told she decided to run as soon as she heard that Nuciforo had to abandon the State House and
instead run for Pittsfield registrar of deeds. That's because incumbent Mary K. O'Brien is retiring. Ware is currently community-services director at Elder Services of Berkshire County. Her husband, Robert, is a Williamstown attorney. She's a 1971 graduate of Mount Holyoke College. She has her own blog at . Nuciforo bio:


Blogger Margeware said...

Thanks for the posting! But I must correct you on one point. My manager, Roger Suters, who IS the Community Services Director at Elder Services, would be surprised that I seemed to have usurped his place. Rather, I am the Director of the SHINE (Serving Health Information Needs of Elders) Program at Elder Services of Berkshire County.

I look forward to hearing from potential voters in the blogosphere about their ideas on the future of the Commonwealth.

1:18 AM  
Blogger jonathan said...

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Dear Bloggers:

I am gladdened by the recent news that Nuciforo is finally giving up his state Senate seat, but disappointed in that he is marrying himself into the Berkshire County incestuous political machine by running for the Pittsfield District Middle Berkshire Registry of Deeds.

I find this move by Nuciforo interesting for the following reasons:

#1. Nuciforo is now going to be even a greater machine politician in Pittsfield and state politics than he already was. What possible good does this serve? The purpose of free government is to serve the people, not the incestuous Pittsfield area political machine. Now Nuciforo can join such local machine politicians as North Adams Mayor John Barrett III, Berkshire Sheriff Carmen Massimiano II, Mary O’Brien, and the like, as another career politician who can whimsically make or break careers in public service in the parochial Berkshire area.

Nuciforo’s past machine politics had a great impact on my family and me personally. Nuciforo tried to get my father fired from his public position in the courts and also attempted to put me in jail during the same time period in the Spring of 1998.

Nuciforo’s machine politics will serve his own power and not the greater good of the Pittsfield/North Adams area.

As my brother told me about Pittsfield politics: SO WHAT? So Nuciforo controls Pittsfield. There is a much bigger world out there than little old Pittsfield/North Adams, Massachusetts.

#2. Nuciforo abolished Berkshire County Government and now is going to try to join the state functioning Registry of Deeds. I find that very ironic. Maybe Nuciforo abolished county government to give himself a future high paying state job in Pittsfield. Hmmm. I would not put it past him.

#3. If Nuciforo is nominated to be a Judge, I will legally and legitimately attempt to stop him through sworn testimony about how he threatened me several times, then tried to have me arrested by falsely telling the Pittsfield Police Department that I threatened him, which I did not; while at the same time period, he tried to have my dad fired from his state job with the courts.

I will also testify against Nuciforo that while he was a state Senator, he corruptly served as a private Corporate Banking Attorney for a private Boston Law Firm while at the same time set financial policy for the state. Indeed, if Nuciforo is nominated to be a Judge in the future, I will be there to fully testify against him under oath!

#4. If Nuciforo runs for Congress when Congressman John Olver steps down in the future, I will help his opposition by giving to them his terrible public record from voting against campaign finance reforms to voting for his own public pay raises during times of state cuts to municipalities and regional districts. Indeed, I will oppose Nuciforo’s possible future bid for U.S. Congress by working with his opposition for that powerful political office.

In conclusion, I currently oppose Nuciforo’s candidacy for Registry of Deeds. I hope he is defeated for this office and his deficient political career will abruptly come to an end by the end of 2006!

Jonathan A. Melle

2:17 PM  
Blogger jonathan said...

Re: Alan Chartock’s infuriating review of Nuciforo & Larkin

Dear Bloggers:

Re: “I Publius: They could be contenders” (A political column by Alan Chartock, The Berkshire, Saturday, March 25, 2006): Alan Chartock is infuriating in his one-sided compliments on two of Pittsfield’s biggest power broker politicians: State Senator Andrea F. Nuciforo II and former-State Representative Peter J. Larkin. After taking the time to read Chartock’s weekly nonsense, I am thankful I no longer live in WAMC’s listening area and listen to his assaults on the Bush Administration while he speaks out of the other side of his mouth on state and local politics who are much worse the our 43rd U.S. President.

While I am no fan of the Bush Administration’s unsettling public policy record, or of our current lackluster U.S. Congress, I believe fairness should be used when speaking out in dissent or concurrence of our entire system of American government. That is my contention with Alan Chartock, and I will upset him today with my by dissenting against his political BIASES. Alan Chartock is a politician in that the news media represents the Fourth Estate of our American Government. Alan Chartock is a politician because he is part of the press, which is the unofficial Fourth Branch of our American Government. He may be upset with me for what I have to write, but I can assure you all that my Freedom of Speech Rights are well protected here, despite what Chartock may say to the contrary!

First, Chartock lauds Nuciforo. On what points? Let us list them: (1) Nuciforo represented a large and tough district, (2) Nuciforo had a long commute, (3) Nuciforo had a thankless job, (4) Nuciforo worked in the state Senate for 10 years, (5) Nuciforo will make a great Registrar of Deeds, (6) Nuciforo carried on the tradition of his late father, who was also a state Senator, (7) Nuciforo is a terrific lawyer, (8) Nuciforo will be a major player in the Berkshire legal community, (9) Nuciforo has a bright future in Berkshire County politics.

Second, Chartock backs Larkin. On what points? Let us list them, too: (1) He has the connections, “residency” and experience to win the now open state Senate race, (2) He brought laptop computers and the like to the disadvantaged public school students of Pittsfield and North Adams, (3) He is passionate about constituent services, (4) He has “credible” service in the not-for-profit sector, (5) Larkin has the inside edge.

Third, let us counter Chartock’s 9 bullet points on his praises for Nuciforo: (1) Nuciforo was a 100% “Boston Pol” from day one to year ten. Nuciforo’s votes almost always mirrored the demands of the corrupt state Senate leadership. My best example was the drastic cuts made to the large district’s communities. During 3-straight grueling years of state cuts to local governments, Nuciforo either voted for or supported 3 pay raises for himself and his fellow state Legislative leaders. I challenge Chartock to back up his claim that Nuciforo representing anything other than his chums in the State Legislature or the private interests of big banks and insurance companies. Just one example that I cannot refute is all I ask from Chartock. However, I have the strong belief that Chartock sold us the Brooklyn Bridge on Nuciforo’s public policy record; (2) Nuciforo openly admitted that he stays in Boston most of the time. He has stated that his sister is a doctor in Boston and he stays with her most nights. I challenge Chartock on the long commute theory, too; (3) Nuciforo’s job was very rewarding. He earned well over $70,000 per year, health benefits, and a pension plan. Moreover, Nuciforo unethically used his power to be a private corporate Attorney for a private Boston law firm representing big banks and insurance companies, while setting policies for these corporate entities as a state Senator; (4) Nuciforo’s 10 years in the state Senate included voting against campaign finance reforms, voting against an all-felon DNA database that now includes such crimes as drugging with the intent to rape and assault and battery on a child to inflict bodily injury. I challenge Chartock to defend Nuciforo’s voting record, especially in these two critical areas of reform and criminal justice!; (5) Nuciforo wants to be Registrar of Deeds so he can join such insidious inside machine politicians as Carmen Massimiano II, John Barrett III, and the like. I challenge Chartock to defend the insidious machine politics of Berkshire County. How is the political machine effectively serving the common citizen?; (6) Nuciforo’s father was a good man. That fact does not necessarily mean that Nuciforo is the same. In fact, and it is just my opinion based on personal experience, that Nuciforo is a very bad man. Nuciforo, during the Spring of 1998, tried to both get my father fired from his 31-year career position in the courts and me put in jail. Fortunately, Nuciforo did not succeed in either attempt to silence both my father and myself in our Constitutionally protected right to Freedom of Speech. I challenge Chartock to defend Nuciforo’s mean-spiritedness and malice towards my family and myself; (7) I would like Chartock to cite one example of how Nuciforo is a terrific lawyer. He is a politician who has corrupted the law in every way for his own personal gain. I call that a terrific fascist!; (8) I hope Chartock is wrong that Nuciforo will be a major player in the Berkshire County legal community. If Nuciforo is nominated to be a state Judge someday in the future, JONATHAN ALAN MELLE will be there to testify against Nuciforo under oath!; (9) I completely disagree with Chartock that Nuciforo has a bright future in Berkshire County politics! I hope Nuciforo loses this year’s election for Registrar of Deeds and stays out of politics forevermore.

Fourth and finally, let us counter Chartock’s backing of Peter J. Larkin’s run for state Senate: (1) Larkin does not even live in Pittsfield, but with his M.D. wife in a $1/2-Million home in a Worcestor Suburb. Larkin is a businessman after big money. If Larkin is elected to the state Senate, not only would it be unconstitutional due to his non-residency, but also would be much more worse in the way of the politics of special interests than under the terrible reign of Nuciforo!; (2) While Larkin has brought technological educational programs to the disadvantaged public school districts of Pittsfield and North Adams, Larkin was the sole state Representative who blocked the only effective proposal to bail out the bankrupt municipal government of the City of Springfield. So while Larkin helped Pittsfield & North Adams, he fed Springfield to the Wolves!; (3) I hope Larkin and everyone else in politics is passionate about constituent services. That is what the government is here for, to serve the people. However, Larkin’s public policy record has been to serve special interests, not the common citizen; (4) Larkin’s post legislative work record has been one of very high paying jobs that personally profit and serve one person: Larkin; (5) Larkin has the inside edge because he is an insider. Berkshire County doesn’t need anymore insiders in state and local politics.

In conclusion, I offer my 100% dissent against Alan Chartock’s points in praising Andrea F. Nuciforo II and Peter J. Larkin. Lastly, I offer no apologies for my dissent to Alan Chartcok!


Jonathan A. Melle

1:43 PM  
Blogger jonathan said...

April 3, 2006

Dear Bloggers:

My dissent has never been stronger than after thinking about the following news article, “Registrer race narrows to two” (The Berkshire Eagle, 3/29/06): This is the exact example of SMALL town close-minded politics that makes Pittsfield so ruined and hopeless for fair-minded people with ideals. Moreover, Nuciforo’s coercive persuasion over the Pittsfield Middle District Registrar of Deeds race is yet another example of Nuciforo’s INTIMIDATION and controlling use of the insidious machine facetiously known to many intellectuals as “Pittsfield Politics.”

The problem with Nuciforo’s heavy-handed move to gain the support of Sharon Henault and have her drop out of this current race for “elected” public office is that if Sharon Henault acted otherwise, Nuciforo would have with total banality ruined Henault’s career in public service by terminating her employment and blacklisting her from employment in the tight Pittsfield economy if she opposed her.

WE LIVE IN A FREE COUNTRY for crying out loud! Nuciforo should not be able to get away with such top-down, insidious machine politics that smack of fascism. Is not there anyone out there who can hear me? Doesn’t anyone care? I will assist anyone who cares about our precious gift of American Democracy to legally and legitimately oppose the domination of Nuciforo’s PITTSFIELD POLITICS! Stop Nuciforo NOW!


Jonathan A. Melle

Register race narrows to two

By Tony Dobrowolski, Berkshire Eagle Staff
The Berkshire Eagle

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

PITTSFIELD — Sharon E. Henault yesterday withdrew as a candidate to succeed Berkshire Middle District Register of Deeds Mary K. O'Brien and said she will instead support State Sen. Andrea F. Nuciforo Jr.'s bid.
The 38-year-old Henault's decision leaves Nuciforo and his former chief of staff, ex-Pittsfield Mayor Sara Hathaway, both Democrats, as the only two candidates who have so far taken out nomination papers to run for the six-year term as O'Brien's successor in the November elections.
"I love and enjoy my job," said Henault, who has been the first assistant register to O'Brien for almost four years. She began working at the registry of deeds 21 years ago as a junior clerk.
"I was running because I was concerned about what was going to happen to the office," she said. "When I took out my papers, I didn't know who was running or who was interested in the position."
Henault was the first to take out nomination papers for the office, but after meeting with Nuciforo to discuss how the registry operates, and after talking over her decision with family, friends and supporters, Henault said she decided to withdraw from the race and back Nuciforo.
"I've always respected him and enjoyed talking to him," she said. "I felt confident that if he got into office that it would remain the same."
Both Nuciforo and Hathaway could not be reached for comment last night.
The register's position is a low-profile post but carries an annual salary of roughly $80,000 and is a position that incumbents can hold for decades. O'Brien was first elected in 1975, when she defeated three men in the Democratic primary and then out-polled the Republican candidate, the late Paul Abkowitz.
Henault said the register performs more administrative duties than the first assistant does.
"I enjoy being an assistant because I like everything I do and because I'm very hands-on," Henault said. "I felt that if I was elected register it wouldn't be as hands-on. I hope he (Nuciforo) gets in so that I can remain in the position that I'm in."
Henault said she will support Nuciforo's candidacy, but isn't sure how.
"I will do what I can, but as a state employee I have to be careful," Henault said.

3:09 PM  
Blogger jonathan said...

Join NUCIFORO's political machine on Monday, April Tenth, 2006, in
Pittsfield (see below) and submit yourself to Berkshire County's insidious and Nazi-esque political machine. Submit to Nuciforo's insidious and fascist political machine and watch him further consolidate his power over Pittsfield Politics.

Support Nuciforo's fascistic use of political power in Pittsfield,
Massachusetts. Supporters of Nuciforo's quest for total domination of Pittsfield Politics will be able to use his power over Berkshire County politics and blacklist anyone who dares to believe in American Democracy by speaking out against this monster. Those who don't support Nuciforo will be blacklisted and will never find a living wage job with benefits in Western Massachusetts, and especially Pittsfield. So please join Nuciforo and fall in line like a good little fascist supporter of the insidious Pittsfield Political Machine and its chief HENCHMAN!

In Sarcasm and Truth,

Jonathan A. Melle

Berkshire Calendar of Democratic Events

Mon., April 10, 2006, kickoff rally for Andrea F. Nuciforo Jr. democratic candidate for register of deeds Berkshire middle district. 5:30 to 7:30 pm, american legion post 68, 41 Wendell Ave. Pittsfield. The event is free - pasta & meatball dinner & cash bar. For info contact 997-4848

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