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From Williamstown to west coast -- Cindy's vigil report

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Dear MoveOn member,

Last night's Vigils for Cindy Sheehan were the largest event we've ever
organized. With the help of TrueMajority and Democracy for America, we
held 1,627 vigils together in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.
Well over 100,000 of us attended, from Alaska to Florida, Maine to
Mississippi, Oregon to South Carolina and New York to Texas.

Here's Cindy's report, from her own vigil in Crawford: "Our candlelight
vigil at Camp Casey was beautiful. There were hundreds of people here and
we are hearing that hundreds of people were involved in vigils around the
country. We at Camp Casey are so amazed and gratified that there were
almost 1700 vigils around the country."

You can see pictures from the vigils, read reports, and look at a map of
all the vigil locations at:

The vigils were covered by hundreds of media outlets across the nation.
The San Diego Tribune Union-Tribune reported 250 people on a moon-lit
beach--one of six in the nearby area. The Boston Globe headline was,
"Vigils across state, nation back mother of dead soldier." The New York
Times, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, The Milwaukee Journal
Sentinel, The Houston Chronicle, Chicago Sun Times, Detroit Free Press,
Miami Herald, Seattle Times and dozens of other big-city newspapers, TV
stations and radio stations reported on the vigils.

But small towns were also touched. WTAP in Parkersburg, West Virginia
reported with the headline, "Texas Protest felt in Mid-Ohio Valley." The
Joplin (Missouri) Globe reported that MoveOn member Tamara Beinlich
organized the vigil because her son likely will be "in the next round of
soldiers going" to Iraq." The headline in the Dallas Morning News was,
"Vigils amplify mother's voice: Events in Carrollton, elsewhere echo
Crawford war protest." The Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel noted that "South
Floridians join mother's protest against Iraq war" In Kentucky the
Courier-Journal noted that, "Louisville vigil backs mother of soldier:
About 150 support her protest of war" And the Racine, Wisconsin Journal
Times headline was, "Mothers, others march for Cindy."

You can keep the story about support for Cindy Sheehan going by writing a
letter to the editor. Click below to get started.

Better than the news reporting, though, were the reports we received
first-hand, streaming into our e-mail account over night. Here are some of
the best comments:

"For me the best moment was holding the candles high, and speaking with
a mom whose son is in Iraq now. It was great to surround the family with
support. It was great to be surrounded with sane, strong, committed
--Judi Mandl
Harwinton, Connecticut

"The best moment was when the sun went down and hundreds of glowing
Dixie Cup candles glowed softly as we sang "America the Beautiful."
--Molly Wigand
Lenexa, Kansas

"Melanie House (whose husband was killed in Iraq) organized our vigil.
She spoke briefly about her grief and about her hope that other wives
and families will be spared the disaster that has come to her. She is
very brave to be speaking out and I am very moved by her courage."
--Delia Rudiger
Simi Valley, California

"I met a woman with photos of family members serving in the miliary
pinned to her shirt. 'This is my brother and his son, both serving in
this picture. The other is my sister's son, who's going back for a third
time to Iraq.'"
--Northfield People for Peace and Goodwill
Northfield, Minnesota

"Well, more and more people kept showing up, and that was the best part.
To know that you are not alone, and that there are others in your own
community who are so supportive of Cindy Sheehan, and finding a new
--Kate Murphy
Scappoose, Oregon

"When a car pulled up with a little girl about 9 years old in it who had
begged her Mom to stop and she said "I know how you feel... my cousin is
over there." And, next thing you know she was out of the car and
grabbing a candle. She had seen my sign with my nephew's picure on it
with his baby... my nephew is on his way to Iraq in a couple of weeks."
--Maure Briggs- Carrington
Turners Falls, Massachusetts

"Two or three Vietnam veterans happened upon our vigil and join in with
love, tears and peace in their hearts. They were very grateful. A mom
whose son is leaving in five weeks for Iraq was there and was comforted
by all the love and connections. A young woman put a photo of her
brother in Iraq on our small altar."
--Katherine Steele
Lake Worth, Florida

"A little girl placing three American flags in front of the shrine of
candles and signs."
--Michelle Murphy
Manhattan Beach, California

"The best moment was when 6-8 veterans--asked to step forward--came to
the center of the circle."
--Robert Guyer
Reno, Nevada

You can read more reports, and see pictures from the vigils (they're
amazing) at:

Thank you so much for helping to make the vigils a success, and for your
support of Cindy. You give us so much hope that we'll be able turn this
country around.

--Tom, Nita, Jennifer and the entire Political Action Team
Thursday, August 18th, 2005

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