Friday, July 29, 2005

Small-towns good incubator for knowledge industry companies (2002) Silicon Villages (Dotcom feature): "Silicon Villages
by John Rossheim

Small towns can provide great prospects for your career and life.
Cultural institutions draw dotcom talent to these locales.
A smaller geographic job market will limit your mobility. Clickshare Service Corp. and Williamstown are discussed.

What if you've really, really had it with city life? What if it's not enough for you to move your home and career to a small metropolis like Providence, Rhode Island, Boise, Idaho, or Ann Arbor, Michigan? Could the small-town scene be for you?
Good news: There is intelligent life -- and career opportunity -- in the boonies, whether looking at Charlottesville, Virginia, Bozeman, Montana, Ithaca, New York, or other towns with populations downwards of 35,000. But you still need to ask yourself and your potential employer some tough questions before you abandon the grind of cyber cities for the quaint pleasures of silicon villages.
Case Study: Northern Berkshires, Massachusetts
Williamstown, Massachusetts, is a picturesque New England town in the Berkshire Mountains. Home to Williams College, a top-rated liberal arts school, Williamstown has long been something of a cultural mecca, even if a bit sleepy.
But the area's appealing natural beauty, good schools and willingness to experiment have clearly hooked Bill Densmore Jr., a vice president and cofounder of Williamstown-based ClickShare Service Corp. �I've been skiing with my wife and kids most Wednesday afternoons this winter,� says Densmore. �I make up for it by many long nights working at home after the kids go to bed.�
Densmore says the area's arts institutions, including Tanglewood, Jacob's Pillow and the Clark Art Institute, together with outdoor recreation opportunities, �can make the di"


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