Friday, March 20, 2015

Jay Walsh launches website to discuss banning styrofoam and plastic bags in Williamstown

Jay Walsh ( has written: 
We had a nice showing on Saturday in Williamstown, including our State Representative Gail Cariddi, who supports our efforts and wants to make her entire district polystyrene-free. For the benefit of those who were not able to come, I have made my powerpoint ("Greening Williamstown") available online on a new website:


The website is designed not only to help us decide what to do in WIlliamstown, but also to share resources with activists in other communities.  Included on the site are:
  • Information about the environmental and economic problems created by plastic bags and polystyrene
  • Information on vendors of alternative products, including reusable bags and compostable food service materials.
  • Copies of bylaws and ordinances from other municipalities that we might adapt for Williamstown.
As explained in the Powerpoint, and on MassGreen.Org, there are a number of decision points:
  • Should we seek to ban all polystyrene food containers (as Brookline has) or just foam (as Amherst has)?
  • Should we seek to ban single-use plastic bags outright (as other towns in Mass have) or impose a mandatory charge for each bag (as some towns in other states have)?
  • Should we impose a charge for paper bags too (as have many cities in California)?
If you have an opinion on these matters or would like to be involved in drafting the bylaws for Williamstown, please contact Brad Verter --


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