Thursday, January 01, 2015

Grinnell offers year-end report on the Hoosic River revitalization project -- working on $500K grant

NORTH ADAMS, Mass. -- Judy Grinnell has sent around to supporters a year-end report on the Hoosic River revitalization project, which received a $500,000 grant during November.  Here are her highlights, and a link to the rest:


  • The South Branch will be the location for our pilot project ---approximately one mile stretch of the river, with much of the corridor owned by the City;
  • The Board of Directors chose these criteria for the pilot project: same flood protection; a healthier river with recreational opportunities; connections to downtown, the bike path, and Greylock Market;
  • Completion of the U.S. Corps of Engineers' Two-Dimensional Model of the Flow of the entire 2.3 miles, required before we can do any modification of the flood control system;
  • Best of all, the Massachusetts Legislature and Governor Deval Patrick have allocated $500,000 so we can go from conceptual drawing to 50% design of our pilot project, and begin the challenging 'permitting process'! (Read more about this here)


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