Sunday, August 14, 2011

TWOE DAYS OF NEW THEATRE: Word X Word at Pittsfield's Beacon Theatre New Stage -- Mon-Tues

55 North St. Pittsfield MA

New Stage is taking part in this years Word X Word Festival, with a selection of new plays and performance pieces to be performed at the Burbank Alley Extension, located one floor up from the New Stage Performing Arts Center, on the third floor of the Beacon Building.

Three nights of performances from some of the areas most engaging story tellers, work shop productions from our New Works at New Stage series, and a multimedia presentation shedding light on the most exciting piece of Berkshire history that you've never heard of.

Invasive Species
Mon., August 15th @ 8pm

A workshop production of David Scribner's new short play about the lives of Berkshire county's most unwanted residents - the so called "invasive" species of plants and animals that people go so far to destroy - as they try to live their lives under the constant threat of destruction.


Battle Of Egremont
Tues., August 16th @ 8:pm

In early Colonial New England, one brother insults another. The rift divides the community, disrupting its early biscuit-based economy and irrevocably splitting the town of Egremont in two. The reverberations from this now-forgotten incident have traced a subtle but powerful course through American history, from John Adams' enduring bitterness to the failed treaty talks that could have stopped the War of 1812. The Battle of Egremont has left a scar from which we are still healing. This multimedia presentation incorporates period artwork, historical quotes, and colorful anecdotes that help sketch out this dark episode and its lingering legacy. The gulf that divides North Egremont from South Egremont is a chasm that divides us all from our past. At what price a delicious biscuit? A multimedia presentation from writer/performer Jeremy D. Goodwin highlighting an explosive piece of forgotten local history.


The Unusual Adventures of Mr. Jib
Tues., August 16th @ 8:30pm

Adapted from Phil Johnson's collection of adult bedtime stories, The Unusual Adventures of Mr. Jib is the hilarious tale about life in the fictional New England town of East Frisbee, featuring Mr. Jib, a retired and Gilded Age throwback, as he goes about his day becoming entangled in the lives of some of East Frisbee's most fascinatingand tragic residents.


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