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Family says Williams has decided to raze Bubriski house to make room for new science center after moving deadline passes

Source: Email from Peter Bubriski, son of the late Dagmar Bubriski, who list for decades in this house on Hoxsey Street, alongside the Williams campus.

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LINK: To college's March 16 reponse.


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Sadly, Williams College has announced its intention to demolish 42 Hoxsey St. – my family’s home since 1954.  Williams listed the house for sale earlier this year—which we only learned about Feb. 20 when a former neighbor, Rachel Park, whose family still resides across the street, sent this link to the official posting: 

At 4pm yesterday, Rachel wrote us that she just got a notice from the Williamstown Historical Commission saying that on March 13th at 3:00 they will take up the request from Williams College "for predetermination to find that the single family home located at 42 Hoxsey Street is not preferably preserved."  We believe that is code for demolition.* 
*In fact, Kevin has received official word from Jim Kolesar of Williams that the plan is to tear it down when they demolish Bronfman Science Center this summer.

Williams is tearing down Bronfman Science Center next door, which they once hailed as an architectural gem ( hold your laughter) which would last for generations. Here is the listing they posted a little while ago. We believe they never had any intention of preserving the Hoxsey St. house even though that is what the lawyers said when they purchased it… In any case, here's the listing for you to peruse, and later on we'll send a copy of a letter we're planning to send . If you would like to be one of the co-signers, we'll let you know how you can add your name. It doesn't matter if you are a Williamstown resident; you all know the house—we just want to make a statement with as many voices as possible.  

Thanks, Peter


  42 Hoxsey Street c. 1880

Williams » Facilities » Properties » HISTORIC HOUSE IN WILLIAMSTOWN, MA AVAILABLE FOR MOVING - 42 Hoxsey Street c. 1880

42 Hoxsey Street
2,995 Square Feet

The building at 42 Hoxsey Street, originally constructed in 1880 in a simple Queen Anne style, has been used primarily over the years as a single-family residence.  It was purchased in 2016 by Williams College, used as office space and is now available to be moved to your privately owned building site.  The building is being offered "as is" to prospective buyers who will remove the building from the land.
Inquiries can be made with Diana Randall, Senior Project Manager for Planning, Design and Construction, Williams College: (413) 597-4242 or at  This is a limited time offer which will expire February 28, 2018 or upon reaching an agreement with a prospective buyer (whichever comes first).
The main building is 2.5 stories in height, is wood framed with multiple additions and modifications made over time.  The building has approximately 2,955 square feet of finished interior space plus a 1,429 square foot unfinished basement, 670 square feet of unfinished attic and 563 square feet of covered porch.  There are approximately 10 main rooms including a front parlor, an elegant living room with large fire place, dining room, 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths and kitchen with pantry.
In addition to the main house there is also a detached two car garage with upper level storage that is available for removal.
General Condition:
The buildings are offered as is, where is, with no representation or warranty as to their condition, fitness for a particular purpose, or code compliance.  The main building was owned by the same family for many years and has many original features still intact, but could use some modernization.  Interested parties will be afforded an opportunity to do their own inspections.
The foundation is fieldstone and is has some areas where water infiltration has deteriorated the mortar.  Floors are wood-frame construction.
The building has wood clapboard siding and wood trim.  Window shutters are in need of repair.  It is unknown whether the existing building walls contain any insulation. Windows are single glazed double hung windows with storm units on the exterior.  It is very likely that there is lead paint, both on the interior and exterior.
Mechanical and Electrical Systems:
Some heating pipes in the basement may be wrapped with asbestos insulation and there may be similar conditions throughout the house. Much of the piping and many of the plumbing fixtures appear to be original. The existing heating system is a natural gas-fired boiler with steam radiator distribution. The electrical service and distribution wiring may need updating or replacement for further use.
Peter Bubriski, Principal

Peter Bubriski Associates 
Mobile: 413-441-0980


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