Monday, February 13, 2017

Williamstown selectmen to disuss "broadband" at tonight's meeting

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Hey All,

Well now the Williamstown is ready to talk about broadband. It would be great if we can run a quick blurb to try to get people to the Select Board meeting on Monday where Andy Hoagland will reveal the questions or the answers or something. I don't really know what but he says now we can consider it.

I want to get something up but I don't know how the statement below is so if you wan to offer advice or edit it that would be fine.

The whole county is buzzing with the slow realization that the Massachusetts Broadband Institute (MBI) has invested great sums of money to improve our broadband infrastructure. Williamstown's demographic (we have at least one broadband provider) means that we have to fund on our connection to the MBI investment. A group of Williamstown residents and town officials have been informally meeting with all sorts vendors, consultants, and entrepreneurs for the past year and we think we now know the questions.

On Monday February 13th at 7PM the Williamstown Select Board meeting will contain a short presentation kick off what I hope will be town-wide conversation on how to approach broadband access in Williamstown.

The range of possibilities probably extend from do nothing to Williamstown wide fiber optic installation. The critical factor on what sort of plan we pursue is how many town residents want to participate in such an effort.

If you have something to say regarding broadband access in Williamstown Monday February 13th's Select Board meeting is the place to say it, and be heard.


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