Friday, January 21, 2011

Doug Paisley group's concert this Monday at 7:30pm at St Johns

Doug Paisley writes:

I wanted to let you know about a concert I'm singing in next Monday,
January 24 at 7:30PM at St John's church in Williamstown. Part of the
concert will be the debut of "Tenores di Altrove", a quartet of
adventurous singers from North Carolina, New York, and Williamstown.
For the past two years, we've been meeting every few months for
weekend-long rehearsals in order to focus on a repertoire of music in
the cantu a tenores style of folk polyphony from Sardinia. Here's a
sample of the style in case you've never heard it:

We'll also be singing some beautiful Renaissance Italian laude, songs
from Corsica, and excerpts from an ancient Roman mass that has many
Byzantine elements and was suppressed by the church for nearly a
thousand years due to a Roman prohibition in the ninth century.

The headliners for the concert are the Starry Mountain Trio,
performing a wide range of traditional music from around the United
States and abroad. The group's members are all lifelong musicians who
have toured extensively with the Vermont-based world-music ensembles
Northern Harmony and Village Harmony, where they received an
introduction to traditional songs and singing styles from around the
world. In addition, trio members have worked with Meredith Monk and
the Revels International, and have participated in international
recording projects of traditional Georgian music.

Their musical program features traditional songs from United States,
the British Isles, Corsica and the former Soviet Republic of Georgia,
as well as original compositions from the group's members. The
American repertoire includes shape-note songs (a traditional New
England song style), and haunting folk tunes from the Appalachians,
supplemented by traditional British ballads.

Hope you can make it!


PS: Please pass this along to anyone who might be interested. Thanks!


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