Tuesday, November 27, 2007

TEXT: Bubriski letter regarding MGRHS $1,000 donation

WILLIAMSTOWN, Mass. -- Here is the text of a letter-to-the-editor written by Peter Bubriski, commenting on his experience attempting to make a $1,000 donation to Mount Greylock Regional High School for scholarships. Bubriski grew up in Williamstown and is now a management consultant. He can be reached at pbubriski@aol.com or 413-458-9073. The letter appeared in two newspapers in early November. As of Nov. 16, Bubriski said he had received no followup communication from the school.

Sometimes a quick note or phone call is the essence of good business; it certainly is the essence of good manners. Imagine my distress, when after two years of trying I can’t even give away money to Mount Greylock Regional High School. And I can’t even get a follow up call or email. Oh, but wait, it wasn’t money to increase the salaries of the administration or to buy new office equipment; it was money for student scholarships.

Two years ago I had a series of phone calls over a period of weeks and months with the then business manager, and finally with the newly appointed superintendent. Platitudes were mouthed, assurances made,but nothing happened. My check remained un-cashed. A mystery. A year and a half later a secretary called to say they had found a check for $500.00 lying under a piece of office equipment they were replacing and did I know anything about it? Oops.

Scroll forward: New business manger. (The old one had been moved on to another institution down the street. Good luck other institution.) More words mouthed. Delivered a check for $1000.00 this time, but couldn’t seem to find anyone in their offices . Left a note asking could we chat about the scholarship, etc…No word, no check cashed, mystery unsolved.

I don’t give them a passing grade in the matter.

So I have written a primer for Mount Greylock’s administration:

Follow through with what you say.
Cash checks; give thanks with no delay.

Lose the lousy, lame excuse.
Neglect is a form of donor abuse.

Untie the bureaucratic knot--
It’ll simplify your lives a lot.

Notate the gifts Greylock receives
Lest generosity ups and leaves.

Keep focused on the kids and teachers--
Put bureaucracy on the back row bleachers.

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