Thursday, May 11, 2006

"Program Parentalia" on May 25 honors National Latin Exam award winners at MGRHS

WILLIAMSTOWN, Mass. -- Parents of Latin scholars at Mount Greylock Regional High School will attend "Program Parentalia" on Thurs., May 25, at the school to honor the achievements of their teen-agers on the National Latin Exam, says teacher Majorie Keeley.

Keeley, one of two Latin teachers at the school, provided the following statement:

"During the second week of March, 135,000 Latin students from the United States, Australia, Switzerland, Canada, England, Poland, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, China, and Zimbabwe took the National Latin Exam. This exam is sponsored by the American Classical League and is used to measure the success of Latin students all over the world.

"The Latin students at Mount Greylock participated in this worldwide assessment and 60 students received awards. Six of these Latin students won very prestigious awards from their participation in the National Latin Exam this year and in years past. Five Latin students have received gold medals for four consecutive years and have received the Oxford Classical Dictionary from the American Classical League for this amazing achievement. These outstanding students are juniors Grace Laidlaw, Tess McHugh, Zack Sheppard, Faith Shuker-Haines, and Shan Wang. 10th-grader Maria Dunlavey achieved a perfect score on the National Latin Exam. Maria is one of only 952 students who achieved this distinction.

"In addition to these outstanding awards, Mount Greylock Latin students earned many awards. There are four levels of awards going from prestigious to the most prestigious: cum laude, magna cum laude, maxima cum laude (silver medal), and summa cum laude (gold medal). 7th-graders have not completed a full year of high school Latin and are not eligible for gold medals, but 7th graders who excel received chievement Certificiates. The following 7th grade Latin students won Achievement Certificates: Cal Brooks, Leandro Sacco, Alyssa Tomkowicz, and Jake Verter.l Below are the rest of the results from the National Latin Exam for this school year.

cum laude awards

"Cleo Levin, Jackie Lemme, Harris MacDonald, Chelsea Neveu, Madison Newbound, cary White, Nick Fogel, Mitch Galli, Nick Edwards, Seth Kelley, and Amelia Richardson

magna cum laude awards

"Stephan Danyluk, Isaiah Day, Andrew Galusha, Roman Kleiser, Sam Sokolsky-Tifft, Jasmine Anderson, Chris Densmore, Eliza Dewey, Patrick Joslin, Ian Nesbitt, Greg Payton, Camille Robertson, Sam Beattie, Sofie Brooks, Dan Whateley, Jennifer Kodela, Kelly Johnson, Simon Reinhardt

SILVER MEDALISTS--maxima cum laude

"Sam Shuker-Haines, Max Reinhardt, Duane Bailey, Dylan Dethier, Jenay Haskins, Rachel Sheppard, Evan Dethier, Rachel Payne, Isa St. Clair, Kate Bailey, Jason Silberstein, and Libbie Weimer

GOLD MEDALISTS-- summa cum laude

"Patrick Madden, Amanda Karampatsos, Wesley Richardson, Maria Dunlavey, Lizzie Fox, Io Kleiser, David Rosenthal, Grace Laidlaw, Tess McHugh, Zack Sheppard, Faith Shuker-Haines, Shan Wang, Alex Karampatsos, Carl Kubler.


Contact Person: Marjorie Keeley, 458-9582, ext. 118


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