Friday, April 14, 2006

National news website features Capeless pot prosecution case

AlterNet, the progressive, San Francisco-based not-for-profit web news service, featured Great Barrington and Berkshire District Attorney David Capeless on its home page on Friday. In a story -- more of a commentary, but based upon facts . . . written by a convicted drug offender . . . the news service describes the the marijuana-sting operation in a parking lot which has sent one 18-year-old to jail and has several others on trial . . . and which has sparked a contested race for DA this fall. Laying aside the opinions of the author, the piece sums up nicely the facts of the situation -- although there is nothing from the DA. More than 120,000 people read AlterNet daily. As of tonight, more than 114 people had posted comments about the article -- with a good cross section of opinion.

Here's the link to the piece:
"Two years in jail for a joint," by Anthony Pappa

Here's a profile of the author: