Friday, October 21, 2005

ANNOUNCE: flu-shot clinics scheduled by VNA in Northern Berkshire

The Visiting Nurses Association and Hospice of Northern Berkshire (VNAHNB) announced they will be holding flu vaccine clinics in the local area beginning October 27. Below is a listing of the scheduled clinics as of today. As always, they are subject to change according to vaccine availability. These clinics will also be advertised in the paper and on the radio. Clinics are open to anyone over the age of 18 and a $3 -$5 donation may be requested.

If you have any questions regarding the flu vaccine clinics,
contact the VNAHNB directly at: 664-4536.

Flu Clinics 2005 (so far)

10/27 Spruces Wmstn 9-11am
10/28 Asland St. Apts. N. Adams 9-11am
10/31 VNAHNB N. Adams 1-4pm
11/2 Adams Coucil on Aging Adams 1-3pm
11/4 St. Joseph's Court N. Adams 9-11am
11/7 VNAHNB N. Adams 1-4pm
11/18 Millhouse Apts. Adams 9-11am


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