Saturday, September 03, 2005

EDITORIAL: For Bush's Utter Incompetence, It's Deja Vu All Over Again

This is an excerpt of an editorial appearing on a popular weblog,
BuzzFlash.COM, which is unabashedly progressive and oriented toward
Democratic politics. Based in Chicago, BuzzFlash is run by a former social
worker and PR person, Mark Karlin.


-- bill densmore

A New Orleans BuzzFlash Editorial

Incompetence, Lying and the Betrayal of a Nation: It's Deja Vu All Over
Again --And More Death and Chaos from "The Master of Disaster," George W. Bush


What does this say about how we must be conducting the war in Iraq, if we
can't even get any water or food to 10,000 people over four days? And they were
in a dry area of New Orleans. We know the New Orleans Convention Center. We
jogged past it just two weeks ago. There are plenty of areas large enough for
helicopters to land, but people died as Bush played guitar and mouthed
platitudes -- and nothing was done to relieve them.
If they were all blonde white women, you know this wouldn't have happened.
But maybe it would have, because this administration is utterly, irredeemably
incompetent. They exist solely as a PR machine with a partisan agenda of
enriching their supporters and dismantling the American government as we know it.

Anyone who continues to allow this man to continue to remain in power in his
state of bumbling, arrogant delusion betrays America. If he were a black
female Democrat, he would have been impeached for allowing 9/11 to happen, or for
any number of lies, transgressions and failures since then.


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