Monday, July 04, 2005

CIVIL LIBERTIES: Post-911 airport "Watch List" traps a giraffe hero


The link above is to an account by the founder of the Whidbey Island, Wash.-based Giraffe Heros Project* of his attempts to get his name off the TSA's airport no-fly "Watch List." It is unique because John Graham is a former U.S. government diplomat who once held security clearances, a self-described 63-year-old white with an Anglo-Saxon name, who has spent his post-government career finding and spotlighting people who are sticking their necks out making a difference for the better in all walks of life.

It is chilling enough that he and thousands of other Americans are on such "Watch Lists." For more troubling is his apparent inability to find out why, or to receive any assurance that he can ever get off the list. His livelihood is threatened.

Here is a man who was just an invited speaker at the U.S. Air Force Academy, on Feb. 26, at a "National Conference on Character and Leadership" . . . someone the first President Bush honored as one of his "points of light."

And now a person apparently shocked and disillusioned by his government.

Who is accountable? Who is collecting the other stories like this one?

* -- The Giraffe Heros Project is not affiliated with the Media Giraffe
Project, although they share a common aim of spotlighting above-the-crowd
actions for the common good.


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