Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Welcome to the GreylockNews.COM "bulletin board"

Welcome to the GreylockNews.COM "bulletin board"
This blog is for residents of northern Berkshire County and southwestern Vermont to post news and "bulletin-board" items.
Feel free to post anything you like here that is:

  • 1) Of benefit to the community
  • 2) New, primarily factual information
  • 3) Respectful of other people's opinions
  • 4) Suitable for reading by people of all ages.

    For now, commercial messages are OK, if they are short, largely factual and informational, and do not contain any unsubstantiated statements.
    If something posted is objectionable, and it's deleted, who is liable for it having been posted? Who's libel if it isn't deleted? "Cyberlaw" is unsettled on these points. So we'll all make the assumption that we are a community that understands the metes and bounds of reasonable comment.
    Thanks, and enjoy this gathering place.

    -- Bill Densmore, 458-8001, / Williamstown, Mass. USA


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