Sunday, December 18, 2016

BACKGROUND: Neighbors' letters of concern and other documents filed with town concerning 95-room hotel proposal

WILLIAMSTOWN, Mass. -- Here are links to various letters of concerns from neighbors and documents from the developer -- all filed with the town of Williamstown in connection with a $12-million, 95-room chain hotel proposal at the former Grand Union property on State Road (state Route 2).


A Dec. 15 concern letter from Susan Abrams and Protik Majumber
20 Berkshire Drive

"While we acknowledge the importance of using commercially-zoned lots to promote economic activity, we feel this is not the best use of a parcel that abuts a quiet residential neighborhood, and we are not convinced that a large corporate-owned budget motel will ultimately benefit the town. The project has a number of potential impacts on residential neighbors such as loss of visual privacy, light pollution, increased exposure to strangers and potential crime, overload of utiliteis and sewer, overload of internet, trash containment, noise from service vehicles, and  human noise."
"We ask you to consider carefully whether this project makes sense for Williamstown . . . . "

Development plan review submittal:

Architect's schematic plan:

Site rendering (diagram):

Letter from neighbor Alexander Davis:

Letter from abutters Cathy M. Johnson and Thomas L. Gais

No market analysis for this hotel has been performed according to the development team at a
meeting with abutters on December 3.

Email from Jack Madden Dec. 13, to Andrew Groff with long CC list.
(concerning sewer backup)   "Given that the proposed hotel is in a commercial zone, I assume such a use is allowed by right. I am not opposed to the hotel per se."

Email dated Dec. 14 from Norma Miller, 12 Orchard Lane
(concerning article and history about Howard Johnson's Motel:


      "430 Main Street is our only attractive, professional office building in Williamstown! Why allow it to be knocked down . . .[L]et’s work harder to bring forward-thinking companies to our town that might hire some of our students, especially our foreign students that need a head start in changing and challenging political times.  We need them to stay here!"

A Dec. 12 letter of concern from Cary Campbell and Rachel Bukanc

Dec. 9, letter from Vincent P. Guntlow to the ZBA talks about Dec. 3 meeting with nearly 20 abutters.
"this project will not increase the traffic volume/capacity ratio above 0.1 over baseline (actual is <0 .02="" a="" and="" elsewhere="" in="" limitation="" not="" p="" place="" project="" provide="" services="" sewer="" substantial="" that="" the="" to="" town.="" water="" will="">


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