Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fwd: News from Cricket Creek Farm

News from
Cricket Creek Farm
What's News...
Bakery Buzz
Small Bakery Schedule Change
A Girl for Shirley
Delivery for Thanksgiving
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Bakery Buzz
Jamie's Choices for this week are:
Monday 11/29: Olive Bread
Friday 12/3: Sourdough Rye
Breakfast Buns
 on Friday December 3rd will be Orange Blossom

Muffins this week will be...
Monday: Bran with Raisin
Wednesday: Oatmeal Raspberry
Friday: Oat Bran
Saturday: Pumpkin Walnut

Buttermilk Currant Scones will be on Thursday and Saturday.

It's Seven Grain's turn on Monday November 29th (Whole Oat and Seven Grain trade weeks)
Small Bakery Schedule Change
Beginning this week Friday's will be a little different. Challah will join the ranks of Jamie Choice choices and Friday's line-up will be Oatmeal Sunflower, Chunky Cheddar Cheese, breakfast buns and Jamie's Choice.
A Girl for Shirley
Last Sunday, two days before her due date, our Brown Swiss Shirley gave birth to her first calf thereby making the transition from "heifer" to full-fledged Cow. Share with us you "S" girl name ideas!
Shirley's Girl
Delivery for Thanksgiving
Our Jersey Flora gave birth to a bouncing girl Thursday. She is a bouncy, hoppy, skipping little lady.
We're leaning towards naming her Fiona since she is so fond of her (the calf is fond of person Fiona!)
"Do you have a bottle in that pocket?"

For Your Calendar
December 18th: Berkshire Grown's Holiday Market. For more information click here.
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